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Gumdropz Persian Peach The exquisite Peach Schnapps strain from Sonic Seeds boasts an arresting visage. One immediately notes the indica-style buds, which are deceptively less dense than they first appear. They are adorned with an abundant trichome coating that dazzles the eye. The colour palette is dominated by a serene light green, intricately interwoven with deep orange pistils. These pistils provide a delightful contrast, punctuating the green hues. The meticulous trimming process is evident, and the sample overall presents itself in impeccable condition. Gumdropz Persian Peach


Gumdropz Persian Peach, Drawing inspiration from its name, Peach Schnapps exudes an aroma reminiscent of Archers – the famed British peach schnapps. This “strain name cannabis” carries a nostalgic essence of pineapple, further intensified with a deep fruity aroma. The experience is akin to a compelling journey back to 2002, invoking memories of the fruity big bud. Crushing the bud only unleashes a potent wave of sweet spice, amplifying the already robust fruity notes.


Gumdropz Persian Peach, When consumed through a bong, Peach Schnapps promises a luxuriant, velvety smoke laced with subtle hints of its Archers-inspired flavour. In contrast, vaping this “Strain name Weed strain” unravels an orchestra of flavours, led by pronounced notes of pineapple. The overall sensation can best be described as reminiscent of vintage old-school bud, albeit with a contemporary peachy twist.


Despite boasting genetics from the 95% sativa Chocolope, the effects of Peach Schnapps are predominantly body-led. An initial cerebral wave eventually cascades down, enveloping the user in a comforting embrace reminiscent of strains rooted in the Afghan lineage. The potency is moderate, making it an ideal daytime companion. However, the pronounced body effects hint at potential medicinal applications for this strain.


With an overpowering fruity note, Peach Schnapps undoubtedly presents a terpene profile dominated by its sweet pungency. The distinct aromas of peach and pineapple suggest a rich presence of terpenes, although specific percentages are not detailed in the provided data.

Medical Properties

The body-led effects of Peach Schnapps hint at potential therapeutic benefits. While specific ailments aren’t mentioned, the strain could benefit those seeking relief from physical discomfort or stress.


To encapsulate, Peach Schnapps by Sonic Seeds is a truly mesmerising strain, seamlessly blending the best of old and new. With its distinct aroma, rich flavour profile, and balanced effects, it is sure to find favour amongst both recreational and medicinal users

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